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gamingsoul said:
fatslob-:O said:

Shouldn't just solely trust India or Vietnam either since the former is bound to be influential and the latter is a command economy but since each of them only has half the things that make China a threat I guess it just only makes them half of as bad ... 

Should also open production in Indonesia, Philippines but in general we should just target smaller South East Asian countries like Thailand, Myanmar, or Malaysia so that it would be as hard as possible for them to reverse engineer technology ... 

I have a feeling that either India or Vietnam could potentially become bitter enemies in a technological war ... 

Yes agree, some countries might be humble now, but as soon as they become powerful things might change.

but the whole idea is to find trade parents that play fair, because China clearly doesn’t.

Why does every country needs to be humble to the US?

Europe has been too humble in it's trade relations with the US as it should have had stronger trade agreements with the east,like with steel transport and production because that economy is suffering partly because of the"trade wars".