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Here is the issue:

1) no country plays fair. It's not like other countries won't have under paid workers and horrible working conditions. Some of these countries are committing genocide as we speak and also lack true democracy.

2) it's not just about video games. It is phones, video games console, games, pretty much most electronics. It is important to care about your country, but essentially, everyone is America is going to feel the pinch when the cost of most their electronics go up.

3) whether China is democratic or not bares little to no importance considering most countries, democratic or not have dirty secrets, sullied pasts. America still has issues with ethnic minorities. Black people are still suffering, America is still make deals with barbarians such as the Saudi family and spending billions every year on Israel and the war in the middle East.

There is no right or wrong and the trade war is more about what trump and a few rich people at the top can get out of it than the people of the country.

Of people were really genuine about slave labour etc and how the Chinese operate, they would have boycott Chinese products long before this trade war.

Last but not least, if this goes ahead, then there is the question of how much the revenue will drop in the states from the drop in sales of Chinese electrics and other products and if this drop in revenue will outweigh the profits from the higher taxes.

How much money will be lost via grey markets and will neighbouring countries pick up these profits instead.