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Barkley said:
JRPGfan said:
Would you rather:

A) +20-30% performance improvement from clockspeed increases, but still has same battery life + active fan.


B) Same performance as current switch, but now doesnt need to have a active fan cooler, and has better battery life.

Situation B) makes more sense if their aiming to do a Switch Mini, imo.

Definitely B for me. From what I can tell the performance increase would likely only result in something like a resolution bump from 1280x720 to about 1408x792 or equivalent. Could be good for hitting 30/60fps more consistently in titles that can't at the moment, but i'm more interested in battery life and less heat/noise.


I whole heartly agree.
Think its smarter for nintendo to aim to improve the handheld aspect of the switch.
A cheaper+smaller Switch, that has passive cooling, and better battery life, sounds like a good way to go.