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curl-6 said:
Barkley said:

Sorting by newest on PlayStation Store shows zero releases in 2019, other than The Last of Us, which I think is just listed as June 2019 release date because they created a new store page for it when they announced they were shutting down it's multiplayer.

So in terms of Retail games yeah Fifa 19/Just Dance look like the last ones, The most recent digital title is Hyper Void Complete which launched on 6th November 2018.

Thanks, that was the info I wanted. Does the PS3 store show if there are any games still to come?

I tried to check the same thing on my 360 but it's all screwy; I try to browse "new releases" by "release date" and it gives me a bunch of crap from all random years in random order; 2013, 2009, etc.

But yeah, looks like PS3/360 may indeed have sung their last song. End of an era.

You can't filter by console on the coming soon section (on PC), so without going through every game can't tell. But I assume there's nothing.