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fatslob-:O said:
Ganoncrotch said:

Even the first post calls the N64 Blurry by comparison, the 3rd or 4th post mentions the poor texture cache of the system and Vaseline smearing AA is also called out.

Yes, the first post pointed out that the N64 had blurry games but it doesn't go into details for the reasons beyond that ... 

No one mentioned anything about the "texture cache" or it's "vaseline AA implementation" in the first 20 posts as far as I can see ... 

Just about at least a quarter of the posts in this directly mentioned the upsides of N64's hardware and it wasn't until maybe after 40 posts that we saw other criticism against it aside from mine ? Heck, the Sega Saturn in here just got as many criticisms as the N64 did and this thread isn't even about that system! 

The thread is about the Saturn. It's about all three of the major 5th gen systems.

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