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So the Switch is outselling the X1 by 2:1 in the states, 5:1 in Europe and 100:1 in Japan. Just puts in context exactly why the cascade type drop off in sales hit the X1 very heavily, if you have a person buying the system in Europe that means that 5 of his mates potentially all just got the Switch and can swap around game carts or play and compare games between each other.

One of the main kinda failings now that the Switch falls down rather heavily in is the social media side of things, games like Mario Maker 2 would definitely have a huge following on Twitch even more so if the system allowed you to connect and stream directly in the same way that the X1 and Ps4 are able to do, from a marketing point of view that is free advertising that the Switches hardware unfortunately costs Nintendo. I know obviously there are people going to be streaming that game on Twitch but it will be people with dedicated hardware for doing so, it's not just your average gamer who has a switch thinking to themselves "I could buy that game and stream on Twitch with it" like you have with any title on the ps4/x1.

Will be rather interesting to see the boost that the release of Mario Maker 2 has in the next few weeks, between bundles and online interest I wonder could we see the Switch hitting a 250k week in the middle of the year. Could be cool!

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