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Prior to the launch of the PlayStation 4 at E3 2013, Sony made a big push to sell the PS4 as THE definitive console for indie game developers. Its PC-like hardware and out-of-the-box engine support made it very easy for developers to make games for it. If that wasn't enough, they also stuck it to Microsoft one more time by allowing indies to Self-publish on PS4 (Something the Xbox One didn't allow until a few months later). For a while, it seemed like the PS4 was the go-to non-PC platform for indie game developers, from exclusives, console exclusives, or even just the best version of the game, PS4 seemed to have it all.

But in recent years, Sony seems to have a different attitude towards indies. Indie games still regularly come to PS4, it's huge user-base of almost 100 million, means it still gets a ton of them. But Sony recently has been downplaying indie games on the system. They haven't shown them at E3 for quite a while, and the most they'll do these days, is put out a trailer for them on their YouTube Channel. Compare this to Microsoft, which runs trailers for indie games alongside their bigger titles at their E3 press conferences. Or Nintendo, who not only highlights indies at E3, but also has a series of Direct-like presentations dedicated to them each year.

Rarely do you see Sony nab a neat PS4 exclusive or Console exclusive from indies anymore, and in some recent cases, the PS4 version comes out last. It does seem like Sony has shifted most of its marketing towards AAA games. Question is, with both Microsoft and Nintendo outbiding them for indie attention now, should Sony do more to emphasize indies agian. And if so, how will Sony's indifferent attitude towards indies affect them on PS5?