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fatslob-:O said:
Ganoncrotch said:

It's a good thing to get an unbiased view on this subject, so... lets discuss the N64's Shit memory system and stupid hardware accelerated AA... taking it right down the middle yeah?

Considering that nearly everyone in this thread aren't going to point out the hardware faults on one side I think it's best to provide a contrary ...

Even the first post calls the N64 Blurry by comparison, the 3rd or 4th post mentions the poor texture cache of the system and Vaseline smearing AA is also called out.

N64 had some major "flaws" but a lot of them did have some upsides to games, the use of cartridges for example, while it did mean that titles like Mario 64 live on a 4MB Rom in comparison to 700MB games on the PSone, that did mean that pretty much the entire game can live on system memory while you're playing it, as well as the carts solid state access time for things like textures rather than the slower CD system system in the PSone.

And as I mentioned up above, the N64 for me at least was the last time a console was truly silent, no spinning disc, no fans, just a cartridge in a chuck of plastic with a red light to let you know that it was game time, playing some games on the PSTV or a PSPGo connected to a TV really made me miss the days when there wasn't something making a low hum near your TV for the sake of games, it really is something we've gotten used to and don't complain about too much (apart from maybe launch model X1's or the PS4pro at launch) but still I would love to see more systems like that... heck even the Switch with it's tiny fan unit can get noisy at times (in the dock) in some of the heavy 3d 60fps games like Paladins.

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