curl-6 said:
potato_hamster said:

I know how accountable third party developers are. I know how accountable Nintendo is. I've experienced it first hand. Several times. The difference that you appear to see anyone who doesn't give Nintendo the same leniency its fandom and many members of games media do as "trolls" or "haters" or "lying about owning a switch and take pictures of someone elses consoles in the middle of the night for credibility with an anonymous person on the internet".

I'm not derailing this thread by giving my honest opinion that's directly related to the subject at hand. You on the other hand, have now derailed two separate threads to tell everyone how you think I'm a fake Nintendo fan who is actually just a big hater.

It's clear you have no interest in having an honest conversation, so please stop detailing the thread. I've played along with your silly little witch hunt for long enough. It's time to move on.

I was having a discussion with another user, jigsaw, you were the one who quoted me and derailed everything into "it's all Nintendo's fault and third parties are blameless". If you don't want to hear my opinions, might I suggest in the future not talking to me.

Now, the topic is taking a company and steering them in the right direction, so I'll start; MS should dump the "Xbox One" name with Scarlet, do a Scarlet-exclusive N.Sane Trilogy/Reignited style remake of Banjo Kazooie, and make Halo Infinite a Scarlet exclusive.

Ahh, so now you're going to make frivolous accusations against me and then address the OP's subject to pretend that I'm derailing the thread further if I respond to your accusations.

Quote me where I said it was all Nintendo's fault. Quote me where I said third parties are blameless. I didn't say anything of the sort.

There's no reason at all to think Microsoft is going to have the word "One" in project Scarlett. They're using completely different terms when referring to Project Scarlett than they did with Project Scorpio. This is clearly a new platform, not the continuation of the previous one. Then again, Microsoft appears to be following the exact path I expected them to follow so we're in for interesting years ahead.