potato_hamster said:
curl-6 said:

This what I'm talking about, always with the jibes. I don't have a problem with you being dissatisfied with your Switch; this time last year I was dissatisfied with mine. The issue is you come across not as someone who wants to have a discussion, but as someone whose just out to pick a fight.

Says the guy who won't even believe I own a switch when I took a picture of it with a user name and a date stamp. Yep. It's me trying to pick a fight.

Remind me again who decided to derail this thread with personal attacks and accusations? And while you're at it, remind me why I should care what your opinion of me is when you literally give zero indication that you care about mine?

The thread was derailed by your apparent need to constantly bash Nintendo. You claim to be a Switch owner wanting better third party support, yet you refuse to hold the third parties in question to any degree of accountability, and in fact go to gymnastic lengths to absolve third parties of any responsibility at all.

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