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dx11332sega said:

I say this because PC exclusives seem to not exist ? We now games that can probably run on a potato pc like league of legends and age of empire . I and many people dont know what's the point of all that power except to run 3rd party games to 4k that are intended for 900p xbox one ? If only half life 3 was made and made for ground up for native 8k power pc instead of a port (if they ever make hl3) 

I Say this where's the AAA exclusive PC games ? Microsoft don't count there games are on xbox too ? D:

Try Star Citizen, Total War, Civilization, Age of Wonders, Shroud of the Avatar, Anno, Divinity, pretty much everything from Paradox Interactive...

There are actually tons of PC exclusive AAA games every year. Strategy games and Simulations are often PC exclusive since steering them with a gamepad is generally a pain in the butt at best.

First Person Shooters used to be almost exclusive to PC, too, since Mouse+Keyboard trumps everything you can do with a gamepad in terms of accuracy and speed in those titles (hence why there's no crossplay with PC in most of these titles - PC players rek consoleros way too easily). Western RPGs also took very long to jump on the consoles bandwagon.

John2290 said:
Star citizen? Paradox games. Eve online. Subverse: A sex oddessy.

Looks like I found another Subverse backer ^^

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