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Chazore said:

The discounts on PC vs console are still different. Just looking at only one console type deal, and trying to compare it to the myriad out there on PC, is frankly not the same. "Steam tax" hasn't actually pushed prices up at all either. I go to GoG and see prices of new games, that can also be on Steam and other outlets, and still cost the same, so it's not solely due to just "steam tax". YOu could also use that argument for higher prices of console games, being solely attributed to "Sony/MS/Nintendo tax". Look at Skyrim when it came out on Switch, they wanted a practical £55-60 for it, and meanwhile, I got SSE on PC for free, while console folk had to pay for their copy of SSE.

No, you're guessing wrong, for simply poking your head into a game you clearly don't give two shits about and offering a steam hot take on it, as well as anyone else on this forum that has also done the same before. Yes it will be baseless mate, simple as. You're not going to change your attitude and instead run your mouth, so get ready to be called out for it, and then some, because I will be there for when that happens. 

Nah, you've known kero for some time now. You try to live up to your title, your forum name and I'm going to be honest, it's pretty sad.

Yes, the discounts are different on both platforms, because PC is mostly digital, so no problem to link them, meanwhile on consoles there are also retail games discounts, or 2nd hand offerings, this makes it kinda impossible to direct comparisions, simply because your best discount may be a Russian shop offering.

By Steam tax I meant eshop's fee on every sold game, this model is reasonable on console market, but on PC, not feeling it. Also it kinda shots at PC as " open" platform, because there are mandatory clients.

Star Citizen? So far, they got Crytek's lawsuit,pay2win controversy, lmao things like monetized stream ( srsly?),TBA release date, not to even mention Waporware 2016 award. I said the game has its own problems and next gens may arrive earlier than this, both points stand.

Kero? Maybe u mean kerotan? I guess I saw him here like a year ago.