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I find the Switch is the proper successor to the Wii that the Wii U failed to be. So that’s the generation i find it most resembles. It’s slick, sleek, and a compelling concept.

While it is a home to many retro games, the Wii was the first gaming console to do this successfully. Like the Wii, it is also a great console for multiplayer games, particularly Mario Kart. The Wii also had a large number of smaller end but highly creative games, many from indie studios - a huge break away from the trends of the N64 and Gamecube when Nintendo generally stuck their noses up at the smaller yet more creative studios: most games of that era came from a small selection of studios (which Nintendo dubbed the “Dream Team”) and by the Gamecube era the games began to feel repetitive and uncreative.

I suppose you could add in the DS DNA too... not just the handheld portion but the large number of Rexcept on steroids because, while both were home to large numbers of RPGs, some of those on Switch are on the higher end. While reminiscent of handhelds, this is new for Nintendo consoles. While the SNES has several noteworthy RPGs, its library in the genre is still dwarfed by that of the DS and Switch... Of course, many RPGs on the SNES were never released to the Western or US markets. SNES has 35 RPGs, but the DS has 134. After only 2 years and a bit, the Switch already boasts 104 RPGs.

With the Gamecube in particular, Nintendo simply followed the conventional tech jump and brought their hardware to resemble Playstation as closely as possible; only problem is Sony makes Playstation consoles a lot better than Nintendo, and ended up smashing them that generation.

But the Switch continues what Wii started when Nintendo decided to break away and go down their own path. This was hardly the first time Nintendo had done this either, the NES was exactly this sort of strategy. With the SNES they integrated a lot of new chip technology to make their console (already years out of date with cpu power) look and sound more impressive: DKC remained one of the best looking video games until the Dreamcast came out. Not to mention the SNES invented new interface methods.

But anyway, the Switch is the latest Nintendo console doing what Nintendo does best. For my money, it is the best to date.

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