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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Amnesia said:

I don't believe that any of these 3 games are HW sale pusher. Or maybe a 5-6000 boost all together but it falls under the tolerance gap of the VGC estimation. I only believe that 3+ millions sellers (SMM2, FE, AS, LM3, Link's Awekening, the 2 Pokemon) can have a visible boost effect.

Then why do you exclude Fortnite? It got downloaded 2M times in it's first week on the Switch.

What's more, it's on half of all Switch systems - that's a higher attach rate than MK8DX has!

Add to that the fact that Fortnite had been hyped up a lot at the time, and I really wonder why you leave it out as a reason for pushing sales.

Maybe because I just don't like the damn game :D

So you are probably right abour Fornite. But also, this E3 in 2019, even if there is no major game released on the precise week, can have a stronger impact than the previous E3.

The E3 2018 let me unsensible, because I am not at all attracted by SSBU and Pokemon, I still don't have a Switch. But this time, I might feel really tempted because there were 3 games very attracting to me (although I changed my mind again because SD3 remake will not be a Switch exclusive).

Even a couple of friends, who kept their distance with the Switch until now, always criticing it, decided to buy one because it was too much for them this time with Animal crossing and Panzer Dragoon. If these 2 people changed their mind like that, I believe that the sales increase can be huge in the world.

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