Maybe the second half of video when the dude is just trolling the kid, but the kid already broke down crying by that point, when the kid obviously has no problem if he was on winning side, since that's how you play the game and gain said loot in first place. But I guess by second half of video, the dude himself is wondering what is point of game, and of course he thinks game itself is fucked over all for cultivating this unhealthy mentality.

My question is: Why if both of them are Danish are they talking in (broken) English? OK, the main dude raiding the kid might be doing it for his stream audience, but why would the kid after he has slipped into Danish and knows the other dude speaks Danish? Although objectively speaking, if he had stuck with Danish it would have made video much less interesting for English speakers (even if main guy stuck with English for some reason), which probably would have been kid's best strategy at that point (if main guy's motive for continued interaction was gone).