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Done a quick calculation and this certainly couldn't be described as a "Switch Mini". It's barely any smaller than an actual Switch. Pretty sure this is fake. It would make an excellent handheld though.

Length of console is around 21cm compared to around 22.5cm for the original

Screen Size is about 6.95", so it's screen is a little bit bigger compared to the original, mainly due to a lack of any of the big bezels on the tablet section, as joycons are non-detachable now.

So has a bigger screen, and is about 5% less length. It would make a great handheld with the bigger screen for a similar size device but it's barely any smaller at all, not a "mini".

If the image is even remotely real, the render is inaccurate, or it won't be marketed as a smaller device, just as a handheld specialised version.

21cm is being generous also, likely cutting off a lot of the curved edge of the Joycon, it's probably closer to 21.5cm.

Last edited by Barkley - on 19 June 2019