VideoGameAccountant said:

It's an interesting idea but it leaves a lot to be desired. I think the 4v4 style doesn't work that well in a melee centric game because the gameplay will end up being "get to the spot we need to cap and brawl." It works better in a shooter because distance adds the needed depth to the gameplay. As a death match style game, it would work better.

Character designs are also lacking.

I agree and disagree.

The game might have overpowered flaws etc.. might being a key word i used, but i feel the industry doesnt really have much on the 3D 3rd person brawlers without going to cheap indi games or Smash Bros.

This game reminds me of an evolved Power Stone mixed with Overwatch and Smash Bros, where 3D movement is key from Power Stone with a roster of characters similar to Overwatch and with Smash Bros brawling. It seems to have a good mix of everything however lets wait and see shall we.