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Shiken said:
Considering I will never use streaming unless it is my only option, I could really care less about Stadia, PSNow, or XCloud.

But for those that are interested in it, this is good news and to be expected. If any of those three are going to pull this off, it is XCloud IMO. And honestly based on how Stadia has been handled thus far...I much prefer it that way.

Although game streaming tech is sill in its infancy, it is not aimed for people that already have a gaming PC/Console on their homes. It clearly aims to attract the huge mobile gaming public out there that don't give a shit about consoles/gaming pc but play a lot on their mobiles, have good internet and would like to play PC-quality games on their mobiles if given a steady/responsive cloud service with a good cost/benefit factor.

There is a huge untapped maket potential by going for it.