mutantsushi said:
This has to be the lowest grade rumor you can get. It does the appeal to authority, sourcing it to Sony partner game devs, but then drops the ball with pathetic detail-less "more powerful" claim. WTF does that mean exactly? Why would a technically skilled game developer sharing insider info NOT state exactly what type of superior performance they mean? (CPU, GPU, RAM size/speed) Why would anybody take this as a real insider leak, rather than astroturfed clickbait to escalate the faithful's anticipation while not putting out new info beyond Sony's existing PR schedule? BS.

Pretty much this.  I was wondering the same thing.  With no other info then yeah its significantly more powerful without any direct specifics it just sound like early PR.  That does not mean the PS5 isn't more powerful, it just means this rumor is pretty much nothing.  We will definitely not know anything of real significances until this time next year.  When all is said and done, unless the power can be realize in games to a point its above approach then we could have the 360/PS3 situations.