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Hiku said:


1- Again you're ignoring the point ALBW used its own merit to be a great game using the same map that's the whole point of him bringing it up and why it turned out good and didn't feel like an expansion you trying to ignore this to push your arguments doesn't make this irrelevant as it very much is a strong factor in why using the same map again wasn't an issue and a much bigger factor than your nostalgia claim.

2- The trailer is an announcement teaser it didn't show what you're trying to imply either going by their previous work it's more likely they'll go the ALBW route, many games revisit locations GTA did it in the same 3 years+ so that part is not an issue.

3- Please I will tell you again don't try to limit debates to suit your argument as referencing social media and the internet in general tells people that VGC is not the whole internet so saying the views here are all that matter comes across as an attempt to restrict responses, if we went that route we would had just blindly accepted that the Switch was going to flop which seeing as you were one of those at the time in that camp I can see why you want to keep things VGC only. The rest of this part makes little sense as it's clear I was talking about your edit and even addressed it saying I misread that part.

As for the nostalgia part I find this hypocritical as you said for yourself and others in the same way I've said for me and just as many people, yes people did have similar concerns which is why I brought up the irony in when you brought up LA's remake as that had similar reactions and also highlight what I said about the graphical leap not being as big not having the wow factor that you claim.


Granted it's LA but going by your argument these reactions shouldn't exist because it's a new graphics engine after many years these are similar reactions to what ALBW had no exaggeration here mate only reminding you of how it was back then as it's still the same now just with a different game.

4- As shown above the huge leap in graphics doesn't translate into what you say as old being made into new, I brought up BOTW being advance because chances are a new game is not going to look much better than it graphically so the advancements are obviously going to be in other areas as it not only allowed a lot of things that are comparable to games like RDR on more powerful platforms but the potential they had to build on is still immense as seen by the ideas people have in the Zelda thread. Sky and underwater regions, new settlements, town building, new mechanics (already indicated in the trailer) etc... these are things that can change the game heavily by themselves.

5- That's you when I assess an example I also look at the context curl was worried about the map and the reply brought up ALBW to show that revisiting maps not only can work but also the team already have an approach for such a scenario any other game that is brought up whether Yakuza, GTA etc... just further adds to the point that it can wrok just fine and be new it doesn't discount the first example.

6- I'll check out the Iwata's ask then either way it being a draw for the game doesn't equal it making revisiting the map work for it which is the point.