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SvennoJ said:
Barozi said:

Well I've just debunked that the whole console is 4 times more powerful in total, but still you math is off.

Just using teraflops as an example here.

X1 = 1.31 teraflops
1.31 teraflops *4.5 = 5.9 teraflops (X1X has 6 teraflops)
6 teraflops *4 = 24 teraflops

compared to:

1.31 teraflops *8.5 =11.14 teraflops

24 teraflops / 1.31 teraflops = 18.32
or much simpler:
4*4.5 = 18
That means that Scarlett would be 18 times more powerful than Xbox One IF the numbers were true.

Yeah it can't be 4x the gpu power, Titan RTX is 16 teraflops.

Just looking at the GPU flops

Scarlet in 2020 will be ?

Titan X was 6.7 tflops in August 2016, somehow MS managed to get 6 tflops in the xbox one X for release end of 2017 for $499
1.5x faster than the RTX in a console in 1.5 years is out of the question. But 2x the XBox One X is very do-able, 2x the CPU, 2 + 2 = 4.

Flops doesn't tell us how powerful the hardware is. It's always been inaccurate, people need to stop using it.

The Nintendo Switch is also not 1 Teraflop...
256 functional units * 2x instructions per clock * Clock
Unocked @307Mhz = 157Gflop.
Docked @768Mhz = 393Glop

Wii was 14.1Gflop not 12.

Please don't spread false information.

DonFerrari said:

I have to admit that being no specialist I get very impressed with what they were able to do this gen on potato CPUs on consoles. And even without knowing the end numbers and how strong the next-gen will be against PCs (probably between middle and upper tier, closer to middle) the print screens and works CGI have brought in his next gen threads are trully breath taking and if PS5 and XB4 are able to bring those over I'll be very happy.

Same here. At the end of the day though, Jaguar was a marginally superior CPU over Cell or Xenon... And developers leveraged those chips pretty extensively during the 7th gen.

In saying that, things like particles, physics and so on got shifted from the CPU and done on the GPU in many games this generation, I would assume that next-gen developers might shift some of those load back onto the CPU thanks to the extra resources available.

As for where the Xbox 4 and Playstation 5 sit relative to the PC in terms of CPU capability... That's easy. It's strictly mid-range.
2-4 cores are low-end parts these days.
6-8 cores are mid-range...
And 12-16 cores fill out the high-end...
And 18-64 cores being enthusiast levels.

All thanks to the core wars that AMD brought to the industry.

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