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SvennoJ said:
Barozi said:

Well I've just debunked that the whole console is 4 times more powerful in total, but still you math is off.

Just using teraflops as an example here.

X1 = 1.31 teraflops
1.31 teraflops *4.5 = 5.9 teraflops (X1X has 6 teraflops)
6 teraflops *4 = 24 teraflops

compared to:

1.31 teraflops *8.5 =11.14 teraflops

24 teraflops / 1.31 teraflops = 18.32
or much simpler:
4*4.5 = 18
That means that Scarlett would be 18 times more powerful than Xbox One IF the numbers were true.

Yeah it can't be 4x the gpu power, Titan RTX is 16 teraflops.

Just looking at the GPU flops

Scarlet in 2020 will be ?

Titan X was 6.7 tflops in August 2016, somehow MS managed to get 6 tflops in the xbox one X for release end of 2017 for $499
1.5x faster than the RTX in a console in 1.5 years is out of the question. But 2x the XBox One X is very do-able, 2x the CPU, 2 + 2 = 4.

And I had someone like couple months ago tell me Dreamcast was much stronger than PS2 but Sony incentivized piracy so killed it and GameCube.

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