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Pemalite said:
DonFerrari said:
We know that in console war every piece part can and will be used for marketing and also for comparison between consoles even if the impact in the end is close to nill.

I know. Doesn't mean I have to like it though, I find it frustrating rather than constructive.

DonFerrari said:
I would be pretty disappointed if we didn't get a significant jump over this gen, even more on the case of Pro that basically just got a pixel count jump (yes I know there are some other minute differences) so for me we are counting about a 10x jump against a base PS4 if Sony cut clean from this gen (BC but no FC) with games improvements to justify it.

I mean if we start talking AVX alone... Then Zen 2 is in another league entirely and would pummel Jaguar without blinking an eye.

But it all comes down to those pesky clockrates... Zen 2 has multi-threading to keep the pipeline busy, it's got a wider core, more clocks, more caches, improved branch prediction, you name it... All the modern bells and whistles.
Only way it would be only 4x more powerful than Jaguar is if the clocks were extremely conservative... And I mean extremely conservative.

DonFerrari said:
Considering the garbage tier Jaguar is (nough for this gen when respecting its limits) 4x is very mild upgrade.

Indeed! I pegged the 8-core Jaguars to be around the rough equivalent of an older dual-core Core i3 in terms of total performance...

There are some instances where a modern Zen+ is able to leverage it's newer instructions and decimate a Core i3. Other-times the increase is fairly moderate.

But in a console we can probably assume that developers will try to leverage the CPU to it's fullest extent, so it should be more than just a 4x increase, especially once we start talking AVX or SIMD in general.

I have to admit that being no specialist I get very impressed with what they were able to do this gen on potato CPUs on consoles. And even without knowing the end numbers and how strong the next-gen will be against PCs (probably between middle and upper tier, closer to middle) the print screens and works CGI have brought in his next gen threads are trully breath taking and if PS5 and XB4 are able to bring those over I'll be very happy.

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