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SpokenTruth said:
CaptainExplosion said:
Not looking good for Stadia.

No looking good for MS lying.

Lol it's no use. People aren't capable of thinking for themselves anymore nowadays!

I have average to good internet, currently 99 mbps down, 8 mbps up, yet stable, nope. Sometimes I get a ping of 5ms to the nearest server (for the speed test) yet to Azure, less than 60 miles away, it varies between 29 ms and 55 ms with occasional peaks to 140 ms or even as high as 400 ms. No issue for streaming movies, crap for gaming. Oh just got a 624 ms spike to Azure, that will work well!

Plus how is the latency on phones through the air?

5G will fix it all of course....

It will be a success, same as Netflix, lazy crappier option wins. Consoles will continue to exist yet will likely get more expensive as the masses move over to the lower quality easier option.

Anyway xCloud will direct a laser from their data center straight into your head for that magical constant 4ms latency :)