Mr Puggsly said:

In my mind, its kinda like watching DVD movies on 480p CRT TV when you could watch the same content on Bluray and 1080p TV. But in some cases, its even worse than that. The Switch version running at half the frame rate sometimes or just being much blurrier... no thanks.

That's kinda a bad analogy lol. The reason Switch games look blurry at 720p or sub-720p is because they are being displayed on a non-native screen. A DVD can look phenomenal on a 480p (enhanced definition) display over component - but looks like trash on a 1080p+ LCD/LED/DLP. 

I own many consoles and a gaming PC. I've been put off by a few Switch ports by the visuals, but I largely opt for them over other consoles because of the versatility of where I can play. On the patio on nice summer days, in bed when I'm too tired to sit at the coach, on anything but the TV when someone else is using it :)

I get the sense of not buying Switch ports if you're couch-locked. They are often inferior visually, and can cost quite a bit more. 

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