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Nuvendil said:

Well regardless, it's all over, the Raptors are the champs! The twist ending to the season no one saw coming when it started or even when the playoffs started. Warriors were battered but Toronto also stepped up big time. It's a well deserved championship. This off season should be interesting though.

I think Kawhi is leaving for L.A. now more than ever. If the Raptors had lost this series, I think that would have convinced him to stay because he and his teammates would have had a huge chip on their shoulder to try and come back and do it again. But the fact that they did it, I can see him thinking, "I got this city a championship, so I'm good." And he goes to play for the Clippers. 

Klay Thompson's not going anywhere. Kevin Durant has a player option for next season, and given what just happened and the circumstances he's in now, I think he should take it, because if he tries to enter free agency fresh off a ruptured Achilles tendon, it's not gonna go well for him.