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dx11332sega said:

I suggest Mistwalker ! seriously Mistwalker ain't doing anything and sakaguchi needs the money also Everyone wants Lost odyssey 2 and Blue dragon 2If anyone can fund they should give sakaguchi another chance, The second Studio Is cave they are very low on cash and haven't done anything but bring ports to 90's arcade games instead it makes me sad seing them like this I think they only made 1 new game entire gen :( . Microsoft fans loved them back in xbox 360 era they made alot of exclusive shmups for xbox like death smiles , akai katana, espgaluda 2,Pink sweets ibara sorekara etc.

I think exactly the same. Mystwalker make games for xbox 360 and the Wii, so this dont affect PS fans .

Jrpgs are not big en Xbox, but some AA or a big AAA game of this type can work (Lost oddyssey and Blue dragon both sold 1m Copies)

Not every game has to have a budget like Final Fantasy.  Series like YS and Disgaea  never reach the million sales but are profitable.

the same can be said for Cave.

About Mystwalker and Sakaguchi, i dream of project similar to Parasite Eve for xbox. let him direct and design the game and The Coalition develop.

Sorry for my bad english.