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DonFerrari said:

Nothing. Absolutely, positively, nothing, nothing we have not heard before.

Thank you for opening another thread which contains absolutely no information whatsoever (can I have my 10 minutes back?)

Neither the text in the link, nor the video in the link, has any information, whatsoever, in it. Everything has already been said in all the other threads.

I can understand that people are somewhat irritated that after weeks of hearing "MS goes all-in this E3", "Anaconda is 78TFlops", etc, what they got was a slideshow of (mostly multiplatform) cgi videos (and basically a "We got the same the PS5 apparently has"), and as with the PS5 "reveal", nothing specific (as was perfectly obvious right from the start).

But seriously. do we really need all these threads and posts with fictious specs? I know if people post any specs thinkable (and, mostly, unthinkable), eventually someone will get it right.