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DonFerrari said:
outlawauron said:

Those subscriptions are huge money makers though. Live is successful and likely lifts the entire bottom line. I don't think MS breaks down the numbers like Sony does in that regard, but if PS+ subscriptions bring in more revenue than all of Nintendo, then surely MS is doing just fine.

MS hides it under 10 feet. But if we use a rule of thumbs with PS4 having about 45% PS+ subs, then with X1 I think about 50% would be a good measure (so 15-20M subs to gold).

PSNow is under 2M, so Gamepass probably also on the 1-2M subs.

SW sales still makes most of the revenue, and for that if they don't have the platform they miss most since most of the SW sold on Xbox is 3rd party.

Gamepass is probably closer to 4m.