I thought the first party content was kind of disappointing. Breath of the Wild 2 is nice, but at probably two years away give or take 8 months, and Animal Crossing only available in 2020 is not what I was hoping for. The Smash reveals were cool but how excited should we get for the chance to pay to add two more characters on the already gigantic roster? Is the mecha game first party.? I guess Inshould give credit for that if it’s so. Just about everything else was known and only Pokémon and maybe Mario and Sonic are exciting from a 2019 sales perspective.

The good news is the third party situation is solid. Not everything was new but still, Marvel UA3, Final Fantasy 8, Witcher 3, new Platinum game, two more Resident Evils, Trials of Mana, this is the kind of support Nintendo home consoles have been missing since SNES.