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Veknoid_Outcast said:
I don’t mean to be a downer, but graphics, art direction, sound design—these are largely inconsequential things if level design, mission design, multiplayer map design, gunplay, enemy AI, etc. are all inferior.

I’m sure 343 can pay lip service to classic Halo fans—that’s the easy part. Can the studio make a great Halo game? Based on its resume, I’d say no.

Have you played Halo 4? That was a great game and so was Halo 5 to an extent, just each game had weaknesses. 4 fell on the MP and 5 fell on the campaign but.. from what we have seen, 343 Have proven they can make a great campaign in 4 and a great MP in 5. They just need to add them both together and we have a true Halo game package.