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Nintendo's presentation told me that they've learned a lot from past presentations. Like Square Enix they kept the pace moving right along and never stayed too long on any one title. I was dreading a few of the clips (hey, we all have titles we really don't care about) and even when "that one" came up it was over almost as quick as it began.

Highlights for me were Animal Crossing, of course (don't mind the delay at all) Link's Awakening, the Mana Trilogy, and that BotW 2 teaser. I'm also pretty stoked they're bringing RE 5 and 6 to the Switch. We may be behind the curve on a lot of these titles, but with the rate at which I play games it suits me fine. I'm confident that Switch 2 will continue the trend and that one day we'll get to play the games we're missing, oftentimes with all the DLC and upgrades to boot.

Obviously the painful omissions of whatever Retro may have been working on (cancelled for sure, right?) and Metroid Prime Trilogy was kind of a bummer, but that BotW 2 reveal more than made up for any negativity I may have had at that point.