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Chazore said:
haxxiy said:

RTG continues to need a full node advantage to hope to match Nvidia after Maxwell in efficiency. But now they are lagging even further behind than Polaris etc. with the competition's ray-tracing cores. Catastrophic.

What gets me, is how it's supposedly absent for desktop cards, but it's going to be there for next gen systems, I mean how do you fuck up that hard?.

All Nvidia has to do now is just release a more efficient high and middle end card or 3, that all dabble in RT, and do it more efficiently, while AMD sits there with no desktop card capable of doing it, yet consoles apparently will. This has to be some sort of stupid fuck up. 

Not at all RT is not ready, the RTX cards have been a flop whereby you buy a card and turn off the feature. It renders performance useless otherwise, it will be ready with more time.