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NightlyPoe said:
Dark_Lord_2008 said:
Reggie Miller over Larry Bird and Steph Curry. I remember back in the day. People would say "Miller" every time someone shoots a 3-pointer.
Miller was the go to guy for 3-point shot, he was the best 3-point shooter of his era.. Miller usually averaged 90% from free throw line.

Not sure if this post is being facetious or not, but Miller is a good example of disruption.  To just look at his stats line and accolades, you'd wonder how this guy made it in to the Hall of Fame.*  Yet his teams that never had any other stars kept getting to the Conference Finals

Because Miller's shot had to be respected, he made his overall team better.  It wasn't flashy, but it was effective and why he was a better player than many of the athletic wonders and high scorers.

In fairness they let anyone into the NBA Hall of Fame.  I think they were going to induct me a few years back, but I didn't check my mail that week and missed my bust artist appointment.

Well its the Basketball Hall of Fame and it covers all aspects of basketball the NBA, college, high school and international basketball.  My high school basketball coach Robert Hughes who had the most wins by a high school coach when he retired with 1,333 wins was inducted in 2017.