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One Year ago I wrote a thread on Halo Infinite being the next Combat Evolve.

After watching the 2019 E3 Halo Trailer the evidence is looking a lot more real.

Everything showcased in the Halo Infinite trailer was classic Halo. The visuals, Art style, Sound, Music and obviously voice acting and a Halo Ring etc.

But we all know that from watching the trailer, but what we didn't know until now is that Halo Infinite is due next holiday season which means the game has been built from the ground up for next gen hardware and like the original Halo CE, it will release as a launch title for the next Xbox.. they have some big shoes to fill as it seems they are aiming big and its looking very positive.

Also to note, they developed a single marine in the space of 5mins, actually made you feel for him. That's quite impressive especially in a trailer.

Weather the game looks this good remains to be seen however with next gen around the corner and 343i's Halo 4 visuals on the 360 were breath taking. I wont be surprised. 343i are hitting it out of the park with Halo infinite and you would hope so with the development time they have had with this game.

What are your thoughts on the trailer? Are you excited?

Last edited by Azzanation - on 11 June 2019