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gamingsoul said:
Barkley said:

Dunno, let me check the sales of Fifa... Fifa 18 sold... 24 million copies?

Yeah no one cares.

True, but those aren’t the games hardcore gamers care about, those people who buy fifa every year are just soccer obsessed Europeans. Who in their right mind would spend 60+ dollars for the same game every year.

how about the Americans who like their yearly Madden?

Also, everybody who plays CoD, with it's yearly reskin. Without campaign, there's really no reason to call it anything else anymore.

So yeah, Fifa, Madden, CoD... I think we've got about half of the PS4/XBO gamers in that group, plus a small chunk of Switch and PC players. Quite a lot of people who would need to not be in their right mind, and a rather large percentage of gamers in general.

You could also add Just Dance players into the mix, since apart from the song selection, there's not really any changes there these days. And Singstar/Buzz during PS2 days.