Xxain said:
forevercloud3000 said:
I am super PISSED it isn't coming this holiday as expected -_-

I feel like they changed the plan after finding out that "Next Gen" was just officially pushed to Holiday 2020 and not This Holiday and 1st qtr 2020.

I mean I guess i'm happy its not farther away but still....

Key things to note in that trailer....
1. Cloud Jump attack
2. Cloud Dodge Roll
3. Heidegar and glimpse of President Shinra
4. NEW Aerith scenario not in original game, her being attacked by phantoms. Our first glimpse at added content to the game ethos.

1. I forgot to make a comment about that; It looked hookey as shit because they did the float in place air combo thing. I always hated that. It does not look good in realistic looking games. Outside of that its Crisis Core Version 2

4. Not being attack phantoms, those are spirits from the Life Stream. We know she can hear/see spirits from the original. 

1. Meh, not bothered either way by the animation for it.

4.Phantoms/Spirits, same thing. Yes we know she speaks to the spirits in the planet but no such situation ever happened in the original. This is very much one of the things they spoke of when adding content and fleshing out the story.

I get the vibe the game will feel like FFVII Advent Children complete in comparison to the original movie. Fleshing out details on some of the more confusing plot points for many. Like I imagine they will put a further emphasis on the idea that you don't see the real Sephiroth till close to the end. You are predominantly chasing his clones, the likes of Kadaj, Loz, Yazoo. Or the notion that The clones turn into Jenova monsters. This was something that I think many get confused on.

I am also getting the vibe this game very well might end at just Midgar. 3rd Trailer or so.....not a single glimpse of anything outside Midgar. Unfortunately that rumor of the game only being a 2 parter was a shameless lie spread by an attention seeker. The escape from Midgar is admittedly one of the greatest build up to climactic points in the game for sure. Just replayed it a few days ago and the dual boss fights of Robot in the Elevator and Rufus Shinra on the roof, to the escape out of the building on a Motorcycle, the chase sequence, culminating in boss battle at the end of the broken bridge? So GREAT!!!! 

Yet that does mean 3-4 games likely.....so boo to that :/




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