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Mar1217 said:
Jumpin said:

I’m hoping this opens up the opportunity for either a Xenogears remake or a Xenoblade Chronicles X reimagining of the Xenogears story.

While the Xenosaga and Xenoblade games have taken elements of Xenogears; they’ve never done it in quite as satisfying a way; the bar is always missed on depth and intensity. Xenogears in higher fidelity 3D would certainly be M-rated, and that may be a problem. The story and settings might be too big to translate and complete in one game with today’s conventions (way fewer elements they can hide in implication like they did in the PSX era) - with Solaris, Bledavik, and Nortune all being NLA or larger locations: and Shevat being damn close. But, if any team can do it, it’s Monolithsoft.

With Xenogears, I would want Kunihiko Tanaka and Soraya Saga on-board.

Ask Square Enix first !

I am sure that is a significantly smaller hurdle to jump than actually getting the project off the ground. Larger hurdles would be Takahashi wanting to take on such a project, and that hurdle is directly linked to the actual scope of a remade Xenogears would dwarf FF7 remake in terms of content volume. Especially considering Takahashi would no doubt wish to put in open world elements (if not make the game an evolving open world/ traditional RPG hybrid).

As well, Takahashi has no need to ask Square Enix if he can teimagine his own story under the Xenoblade Chronicles X banner as long as he doesn’t violate any trademarks; he’d even be able to reuse certain names (as he has done in the past) if he wished.

It is, unfortunately, unlikely Takahashi would want to redo a project on the scale of a modern  Xenogears because of the scope. But I can always hope =)

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