jason1637 said:
Random_Matt said:
MS will probably demand MP from there developers, yawn.

Game was in development since 2014 and NT has multiple teams. Im sure they are working on a SP game.

OP- Game looks really good. I've been wanting to play For honor for a while now but i might just wait for this. Definitely looking forward to this.

Yeah, you seem to be really into competitive MP, so this will be right up your alley. I have For Honor sitting on a hard dive, but have yet to try it. It was a PS+ game, which is the only reason i have it.

bananaking21 said:
Of course MS is gonna make their Devs make multiplayer games

Though I might check it out if it's good

That seems to be a popular opinion in some of the comments I looked at scanning at the N4G asylum. It IS interesting that a primarily single-player focused dev is now releasing an MP-only title as their first under the Xbox umbrella. But as has been pointed out already, they apparently have another bun in the oven.

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