Green098 said:
mZuzek said:
I don't get the whole ticket thing.

I've just been following past years E3 thread examples. Unfortunately I don't have enough free time this year to make a compilation of everyone's avatars. Basically if you make a post before Nintendo's E3 starts I'll put you username down in a passengers list for the Hype Bus (animal crossing themed instead of the usual Hype Train).

I was wondering why we got downgraded to a bus, but now it all makes sense.  

Yeah, if Animal Crossing is a no show faces will melt and there will be hell to pay.  Of course most YouTubers who have been quietly predicting it wouldn't show will be happy that they got the prediction right and have a bit of gloating to add to the pain.  Let's just not let that happen, Nintendo.  I don't even care if it releases this year, please just show us the hook and some gameplay...and a KK Slider concert!