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SpokenTruth said:
HollyGamer said:

OK stop with your circle jerking blaming  me. Let's just start the discussion.  It's  Cleary  Richard said the games will be very difficult and challenging to port and will have massive downgrade , and it will be hard to enjoy . So it's the same with "It can run but it's hardly playable and it will look different " . 

So the question is , do you even try to downplay my analysis ability on giving a conclusion ??? 

Uh, yes.  Because at the 11 minute mark he referenced CD Projekt Red reworking Witcher II for the X360 with great success but addressing the hardware directly rather than doing a direct port.

But then he said , if it's made by The same developer and do some rework on the engine is still possible but still will look different, then he said again that the main developer is working on another games cyber punk 2077 and it's impossible to do on Switch port. 

And also The witcher 3 to Switch this gen =/= The witcher 2 PC to Xbox 360 last gen. Xbox 360 is very powerful hardware and are in equal terms of power to PC at that time. While Switch is not even a desktop PC level GPU if it's compared with today standard.