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@ mZuzek, my quoting isn't working for some reason, so I'll just put my thoughts here...

I think that Metroid was where it all started. Certainly to have a trend or a genre you need to have more than one, so by that token your point is well taken. But Super Metroid just refined all the elements that were in place in Metroid. I won't suggest that the first Metroid is better than Super. That would just be ridiculous. I will say, though, that Metroid has more in common with Super Metroid than Mario Bros has with Super Mario Bros. And while Metroid is barely playable as a modern game (thank goodness for Zero Mission), when I played it at 11 years old it was ground breaking and the difficulty of the game was something that I really enjoyed. Oh..and I love chess, too. My only point about that is that chess makes you think a lot more than checkers and in that way the analogy works. I know that Metroid isn't nearly as elegant a game as Chess.

Regarding your playthroughs of Super and the Prime series, I think it's awesome that you question yourself enough to return to games that you didn't once enjoy or appreciate. I can tell by the way you speak about Super Metroid that you would have denied yourself quite a bit of enjoyment had you not returned to the title. Congrats on the 65 minute comepltion time. My best was 71 minutes when I was at my most practiced, but I've found a few new shortcuts since then and I'd be curious to see what that would do to my time. I always get bogged down on replays these days trying to mockball for the first Super Missile pack and end up distracting myself away from going for a true speedrun.

I really like Hollow Knight, but I've been stuck on a boss and it kicked my ass so much that I put the game down. Everytime I see the game on my menu it looks to me like a homework assignment that I keep procastinating. I'm not even sure what the name of the boss is, but I know it's enormous and jumps on you and uses lightning. But up until that moment in time I was really, really enjoying the game. I'm sure I'll return to it sooner or later.