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RolStoppable said:
linkink said:

I was very close to yesterday. its too distracting, need to make money, and have too many stuff on my plate, not that i want too. damn was i wrong about switch falling off a cliff, that was embarrassing. still it wont touch ps4 LTD. 

You are trying to earn sympathy, but I advise people to read your posts in this thread again. I also remind people that you going back on your words is what led to your demise on this site. So when you post an admission that you were wrong about something, it has no real value because you've shown time and time again that you don't mean it.

earn sympathy over what? this forum is a waste of time, honestly it's not good for me. i kinda have to thank you for getting me banned last time, and this time as well. i'm wasting time here talking about video games sales, when i haven't played a game in months.

If you are talking about my posts in thread, you are not gonna change what i think, and you take that personal for some reason. there many sales  experts on resetera that think the same, when switch was selling it was universal that everybody thought this is   what happens when nintendo makes appealing hardware. 

Last edited by linkink - on 02 June 2019