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S.Peelman said:

The 200 one is a new Labo.

Would be a pretty elaborate one but could be possible.

Or it’s the price of Link’s Awakening, Nintendo knows I’ll buy it regardless of the cost.

Not sure if there is a market for a $200 Labo kit, especially if the previous kits are only doing ok.

Plus, Nintendo did not show Labo last year at E3 so I'm not sure if they'll present Labo at E3 unless there's a big game centered around 

Wicked97 said:
Kai_Mao said:
I wonder which game will be able to warrant a $200 premium edition for the Switch? ..Usually its a AAA third party game when its on PS4/Xbone.

Got it... It will be the Metroid Collection. 60$ for each title (1, 2 and 3) 😂 

They like money, but they're not Capcom.. :P