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twintail said:
taus90 said:

In the same breath so was Cory Barlog, It was Shanon Studstill at SSM studio who brought him back and the result is in front of us. and its not directors job to keep the team together or choose the team, its head of the studio's job. 

Cant back jaffe much after Drawn to Death, but Amy is know across the industry for writing great stories and characters, and not to mention she would be vital in that new studio which has been rumored that sony purposefully built to deliver future uncharted games. Nobody understand uncharted better than her.

Not exactly. Cory has had a role in the all the mainline releases in the GoW franchise except for Ascension. Jaffe only worked on GoW1 and 2. Barlogs career at SSM is far greater than that of Jaffes so it makes sense that Shannon would try to bring Cory back into the fold for the next GoW title (he has been part of the entire IP practically). Barlog has also had a wildly more successful career post GoW2 (and even just post GoW).

Henning already has a new indie studio outfit, so Sony could work with her on something. But I doubt Sony brings her in as a director, and I doubt she only wants a writing position. The new UC is going to be a new wave for the series, so she isn't that vital for the series going forward.

Who Sony needs back is Bruce Stratey, who was co-director on UC2, TloU, TLoU LB and UC4 (because Hennigs UC4 was having troubled development) and would have been on TLoU2, but he decided to leave ND because he was just burnt out (by the UC4 situation).

That said, if Sony could find a place for both Jaffe and Hennig that would be great. I don't oppose it, I just don't see the need for it. 

I think Hennig would be a nice fit for the new studio in charge of Uncharted. Bruce too