Random_Matt said:
Dulfite said:

I'd ask for more specifics, but I suspect we can't really do benchmark comparison tests yet?

In general, I'd like to know how much better. My PC is about 4 years old now, though I've upgraded it a decent amount over the years (including the 980 ti). Trying to juggle if I can continue to upgrade it or if it would be better to just build a newer pc in the nearish future (a few years from now), or just let it be what it is and simply get an xbox for 3rd party games and some of their 1st party ones.

You are fine until 2020. No idea what your expectations are, certainly not suffcient for 1440p @144Hz.

I mean, everything I touch that is brand new looks fantastic on my computer right now. And my tolerance for games not looking amazing is pretty high, as a Nintendo guy. Prior to oh about 2 years ago I was running a GTX 470 on newer games back then and was fine with the way they looked, though I wasn't particularly happy with the framerate lol. I think the Arkham games were the thing that finally pushed me over the edge of "yeah I need to upgrade." Remembering what Arkham Knight was like on PC before they patched it still amazes me. What a hot mess that was lol.