CGI-Quality said:
OdinHades said:

Got myself an i7-9900K with an RTX 2070 and 32 Gigs of Ram. So nothing too crazy, but it should be in the ballpark of the new consoles.

That's a decent setup, to be sure. Your CPU and RAM should be be a good step ahead of the console offerings.

Dulfite said:
So just out of curiosity will Anaconda and Ps5 have more powerful cards than GTX 980 ti?

Should be, yes.

I'd ask for more specifics, but I suspect we can't really do benchmark comparison tests yet?

In general, I'd like to know how much better. My PC is about 4 years old now, though I've upgraded it a decent amount over the years (including the 980 ti). Trying to juggle if I can continue to upgrade it or if it would be better to just build a newer pc in the nearish future (a few years from now), or just let it be what it is and simply get an xbox for 3rd party games and some of their 1st party ones.