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Pemalite said:
vivster said:

No, I said that console manufacturers are holding consoles back. Not sure how you go to PC from there. PC always has the latest tech and if a consumer chooses not to benefit from new tech, like not using SSDs, it's their fault.

And the PS5 will not have a 1TB NVMe SSD because that would make up half the cost of the whole console. They will use an SSD cache and a normal HDD for storage because they like cheap things. We'll be lucky if the cache is 128GB in size.

Plus a cache drive can also be used for other storage devices like USB Flash Drives and Hard Drives.
It does mean it is very algorithm dependent, but I would assume Sony and Microsoft have the appropriate data points to see how people generally use their devices anyway and gear the caching algorithm to those use cases.

vivster said:

A 1TB SSD will not produce the results seen in that demo. It'll most likely be a semi custom solution with an accelerated cache, faster than regular consumer SSDs.

BTW an "evo 970 pro" does not exist. There is 970 EVO, which is the cheap consumer variant and 970 PRO which is slightly faster and more reliable using MLC instead of TLC.

Your prediction will only come true if you expect a minimum $600 console. But you probably don't expect or think anything, you're just saying words that sound cool in your head.

We just don't have enough information either way.

For all we know it's actually using slow and cheap QLCD NAND... But has a secondary fixed function processor for decompression duties so it's able to quickly unpack data so it can get more bang-for-buck with transfers.

I'm a bit more hopeful this time around because I was pretty impressed with what they did with the PS4. It sure is a lot more difficult this time because of diminished returns. They want to wow people with numbers but those haven't increased as much as they have from PS3 to PS4. Maybe they'll feel forced to take a loss again to put more stuff in. They should be fine next gen considering how dead Xbox is currently.

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