Trumpstyle said:
vivster said:

So you're saying not using SSDs in a gaming machine is a bad thing? I agree.

No, you were saying that Consoles were holding back pc games loading times, when there's pc only games with loading times. And the PS5 doesn't have a small NAND cache, it has a 1TB NVMe drive that is faster than samsung evo 970 plus/pro.

No, I said that console manufacturers are holding consoles back. Not sure how you go to PC from there. PC always has the latest tech and if a consumer chooses not to benefit from new tech, like not using SSDs, it's their fault.

And the PS5 will not have a 1TB NVMe SSD because that would make up half the cost of the whole console. They will use an SSD cache and a normal HDD for storage because they like cheap things. We'll be lucky if the cache is 128GB in size.

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