Pemalite said:
HollyGamer said:

I think you just stalling the discussion, there has not been any change or whatsoever on PC ssd for past years "FOR GAMES SO FAR ". When you say "API" yes , they have gaming API ready available for PC for long time, but the discussion is about how game developer " utilize it " inside their game engine and their "games" , nit just inside gaming API. Console will make it different it will just be an API it will be for real realize for sure in reality. It will become mainstream thanks to console. like always is tech will improve if it's benefit more people (mainstream)  rather than small group of people (high end user ). 

There has been tons of changes on the PC over the past several year in regards to how it sees storage, Windows Vista and Windows 7 brought a slew of improvements to that end... And Windows 10 took it a step farther.

Direct X's Virtual Texturing also takes full advantage of solid state storage... And there is one engine in particular that leverages that technology extensively.

The point you don't seem to understand is that the storage medium isn't going to change how games operate or run or how they are even developed, there are fundamental design principles that need to be adhered to for various reasons at all levels.

If a game relies more heavily on the streaming of assets, then an SSD can provide a substantial advantage... But a completely new gaming experience it will not bring.

I am not talking about API , OS or other application. I agree PC has been using SSD for a long time, and more and more OS , API are utilizing SSD (but that also was a recent change).  We were discussing about actual games that benefit from SSD on PC. the answer is no there is none .